Changing its name as MESUT MADENCILIK in 2000 the marble factory was established in 2001 on Urfa Road 14th km. In 2004 the company activated factory production. In 2006 the company started to export and in 2010 the biggest marble workshop of South East of Turkey on 2.650m2 began manufacturing. In 2013 the first marble showroom of South East on 250m2 was opened. The facility having high tech Italian machineries which do not exist at any facilities in South East was established in 2014 on 32.000m2 area at Diyarbakir Organized Industry Zone. The facility started to manufacture in 2015. The second natural stone showroom at CEYLAN KARAVIL SHOPPING CENTER which is the first in Turkey was opened in 1st January 2015. Having quarries in different places in Turkey MESUT MADENCILIK gives life to stone with modern technologies. The quarried natural stones are special manufactured in our facilities and workshops for our customers by using reinforcement systems. Mesut Madencilik A.S. exports mostly to The Far East and the Middle East, including Turkmenistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy, Israel, Togo, Dubai, China, Africa, Korea and Taiwan. The number of the exported countries rise every single day. Our annual capacity is 870.000 m2. 65% of the production is for export and 35% of it is for domestic market.

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